Kindergarten Information


At St. James we offer a 5 day or 3 day a week option for families to choose from for their kindergartener. 

Core Kindergarten Program (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

The Core Kindergarten Program at St. James School is an all-day program on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  The curriculum includes math and literacy centered around our Catholic faith.  Students are provided with learning experiences which will develop the foundational skills necessary for success in school.  This full day program offers opportunities to meet the developmental needs of the total child socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually.

The activities in the kindergarten program provide opportunities for students to learn to function within a group (taking turns, sharing, listening) and opportunities to learn to become independent in handling personal needs, handling classroom materials, and following routines.  Students learn to express and communicate thoughts and ideas through speaking, listening, and writing.  The curriculum offers both formal and informal learning activities, individual enrichment in the academic areas, as well as in music, art, and physical education.

Kindergarten Enrichment (Tuesday and Thursday)

The Kindergarten Enrichment program is part of the 5 day option.  This program supports the learning goals of the Core Kindergarten with an outdoor nature focus.  St. James Kindergarteners in the enrichment program spend 1-2 hours per day hours per day outdoors in free play and focused nature activities.  Students practice math and literacy by counting, sorting, describing, reading and writing while investigating the plants and animals all around us.  Indoor learning, including religion, games, songs, art and stories are often connected to the outdoor nature experiences.  The outdoor program allows students to develop observation skills, a broad vocabulary, and a curiosity and love of God's Creation.