Middle School Information

Middle School

Mission Statement Our job in the middle school is to prepare students for success in high school. At St. James we not only develop them academically, but spiritually as well. Adolescence is a time of personal development and we try to model our beliefs and teachings in order to mold responsible and productive citizens. We are active in the community and do service projects once a month. We structure classes so that everyone has an opportunity to succeed, and we are all willing to help out in any way to help you achieve your goals.

Classes In Middle School

English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Religion, Literature, Spanish I, Algebra, Music, Art, Physical Education, Woodshop, Cooking/Sewing, CPR

Extra Curricular Offerings

After School Study, Retreats, Band, Lock Ins, Science Club, Yearbook

Additional St. James Advantages

Small Class Sizes and Academic Support


Middle School Handbook click here