Preschool Information

Welcome to Preschool!   Preschool here at St. James is full of activities geared towards encouraging children to explore new things every day!  It is designed physically to excite children and to let them learn while playing and having fun!

 Our Preschool Program has two options to choose from: 

 1.     Monday/Wednesday/Friday all day program - 4 years old and up 

 2.     Tuesday/Thursday all day program – 3 years old and up

 We follow the outcomes of the Diocese of Duluth.  This gives us many options of activities, yet guides the path in which we go.

 By the end of Preschool students should know the following:    

 •    Numbers 1-20: Recognize, name and count

 •    Sort objects by color, size, and other attributes

 •    Identify and describe common geometric shapes

 •    Begin to distinguish between letters, numbers, and words

 •    Learning A-Z

 •    Recognize rhyming words

 •    Recognize and recite letters in own name

 •    Print own name with initial capital letter and the rest lower case

 •    Dictate a sentence that the teacher or other adult will write

 •    All basic colors

 •    Days of the week, Months, Weather

 •    Begin to recognize different community helpers around the neighborhood 

There are many more outcomes that go along with these ideas, filling our classroom with so much learning!  As part of St. James Catholic School, we are lucky to be able to learn all about what God created in this beautiful world of ours.  We pray daily before every meal and snack.  We pray for our friends and family.  We learn who Jesus is and what amazing work he has done.  In doing all this, our preschoolers learn how to love one another and show kindness to everyone we are near. Also, as we are part of the St. James Catholic School, we are part of the community as a whole.  We say hi to other teachers, employees, and students as we walk in the hallway.  We eat lunch in the cafeteria, play on the playground, and go to Music and Gym class!  Since we follow the “Rule 3” standards, there is a 10:1 ratio for all preschool students that we abide by in every one of the above scenarios!  Throughout the year, the preschoolers take 3-4 field trips!  We match up trips to our curriculum, enriching each learning experience even more by getting an out of classroom learning practice.  Some of these trips take us to the Hartley Nature center, the zoo, the Fire Station, Florist shops, and more!  Parents are invited to join us on these trips, to help chaperone the children and keep them safe.   As well as field trips, we have days inside our classroom that we invite parents to come play!  These are called “Mom’s Day” and “Dad’s Day” and “Grandparents’ Day”.  It is fun not only for the student to show their parent all around the room, but it also gives an opportunity for the parent to relax and have fun in a new environment with their child!  

If you are interested in our Preschool Program here at St. James, please stop in and ask questions, talk to the teacher, and look around the room.  Come check it out!  We can’t wait to meet you!