My name is Julianne Blazevic, and I am the principal of St. James Catholic School, in Duluth, Minnesota. I received my bachelor's degree in elementary education from the College of St. Scholastica in 1998, and my master's degree in education from the College of St. Catherine's in 2003. I have over 15 years of experience in education.  I was a teacher at St. Michael's Catholic School from 1998-2013.  I joined the staff and community at St. James Catholic School in July 2013.

I feel very blessed to be part of the St. James community!

St. James is a great school because, we have :
- Wonderful students
- Excellent and dedicated staff      
- Involved parents
- Engaging and challenging educational programs
- Small class sizes
- Safe, nurturing, and caring spiritual environment

My name is Becky VanRiper and I teach Preschool at St. James Monday through Friday. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Superior with a BS degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Early Childhood. I have been teaching since 2004.

I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful baby girl. After living in the Twin Cities area for three years, we moved back home in the summer of 2010, and we are enjoying every minute of it! With a large family near by, we are able to be part of every event.
In Preschool, I plan on implementing a curriculum full of child directed and teacher directed activities, including language arts, math, science, music, socialization, and more. The children will create, explore, listen, tell, and show all throughout the year. One of our main goals as well as these academic areas includes spiritual development and showing respect for others.

My name is LeeAnne Schiltz. I teach kindergarten here at St. James. After receiving my bachelor's degree in elementary education from the College of St. Scholastica, I was hired at St. James for a 2nd grade teaching position. I taught 2nd grade for 13 wonderful years and then I received the opportunity to teach kindergarten. I am now beginning my ninth year as the kindergarten teacher and I am enjoying every minute of it!

Units that are studied in kindergarten include:
- Colors and Shapes
- Families
- Transportation
- Five senses
- Farms
- Eggs and chicks (we even hatch them!)
- Space, planets, and stars

Amber Marsolek - Our Kindergarten Enrichment program features an Outdoor Learning Program sponsored by Gender Matters.  Students spend 1-2 hours a day outdoors, learning Kindergarten concepts such as shapes, counting, colors, sorting, observing and describing.  The outdoors provides unlimited options for teaching religion, math, science and literacy through play, and to enjoy God’s Creation.

1st Grade
My name is Barbara Mollison, and I earned my B.S. degree at the University of Minnesota in Duluth. I have spent my entire teaching career in Catholic Education. I first taught at St. James prior to my vocation as a stay at home mom. When my youngest entered middle school I returned to teaching. I have taught at St. James for eleven years. I chose teaching as my career because I enjoy teaching new things to children.

Highlights of First Grade:
- Learn about what it means to be a Christian.
- Learn to read!
- Learn to write!
- Learn addition and subtraction facts and strategies.
- Flat Stanley project!
- Dinosaurs
- Space, planets, and stars

2nd Grade
My name is Stephanie Meyer. I attended St. James School as a child and continued my education at the University of Wisconsin Superior. I graduated in 2002 with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Social Studies

Highlights of second grade include:
- First Reconciliation
- First Communion
- Addition with renaming
- Subtraction with borrowing
- Cursive handwriting
- World geography skills

3rd Grade
My name is Jodi Paulson. I am the 3rd grade teacher at St. James Catholic School. I received a B.A.S. degree in Elementary Education and minors in Psychology and Coaching all from the University of Minnesota Duluth. I have been a teacher at St. James since 1997.

Highlights of third grade include:
- Learning about what it means to be members of the Catholic Church community
- Learning multiplication and division facts
- Learning about animals, weather, the moon, plants, and matter
- Learning skills to be able to read, write, and understand stories
- Learning keyboarding skills
- Winter ecology at Hartley Nature Center

4th Grade
Lindsey Ruhnke

Highlights of the 4th Grade:
- Ten Commandments
- Beatitudes
- Multiplication with larger numbers and long division
- Regions of the United States.
- Sciences include - sound & light, human body, simple machines, rocks & minerals, and magnets

5th Grade
My name is Teresa Ierino. I am the 5th grade teacher at St. James Catholic School. I received a B.A.S. degree in Elementary Education and minors in Art and Coaching at the University of Minnesota Duluth. I have taught at St. James for 13 years.

Highlights of the 5th Grade:
- Taking a trip to ELC (Environmental Learning Center)
- Choosing and writing about a Saint
- Studying American history
- Science topics include land biomes, oceans, space, and earth movements

Middle School

My name is Michele Langenbacher. I am a Middle School Teacher at St. James Catholic School. I received my Bachelors of Arts degree in Education and Spanish at the University of St. Thomas. I taught for seven years in Maple Grove, MN before taking a break to do the most important vocation of my life: raising my three children. For the last two years I was blessed to be the Secretary of St. James. I am grateful for that experience and am now very excited to go back to teaching.   I will teach Middle School Spanish and Religion as well as the 6th grade English and Math.

Dan Thompson is our 7th grade homeroom teacher.  He teaches 6,7,8 Science and 6,7,8 English.

My name is Sean Weiland. I am a middle school teacher at St. James Catholic School. I received my B.S.S. degree in Social Studies Teaching with minors in Psychology, Geography, and Coaching from the University of Minnesota Duluth. I currently teach 6,7,8 Social Studies, 7,8 Math, and Algebra. I have been teaching at St. James since 2008.

Physical Education
Cody Hanson teaches PreK-8th grade physical education.

My name is Mary Hoffman.  I am glad to join the staff of St. James as an art specialist.  In previous years, I was a special education consultant in upper Michigan, sign language interpreter in California, and taught science and art in Utah.  I have undergraduate degrees in art and special education with a Masters and Educational Specialists in Education and Administration.  I have resided in Duluth since 1998 with my husband and 5 children.  In my free time, I enjoy camping, and scouting.  Since 2001, I have participated in a school project in rural China.

At St. James, we also offer lessons for band instruments, piano, organ, and violin.  The full band rehearses once per week and is directed by Mrs. Jennifer Osborne.
In music classes we include music appreciation and basic theory, as well as preparing for weekly school Masses and two concerts each school year.  We enjoy learning more about sounds, voices, and instruments, as well as finding many ways to share our expression of God's wonderful gift of music.
Be sure to join us for our annual Christmas and Spring music programs.